Sunday, September 19, 2010

If I Could Reach You

I just found one of my favorite 5th Dimension songs on you tube and had to put it on my blog! I haven't heard this song in a very long time! I had this album on 8 track when I was a teenager! Boy, that will date me! Huh! Anyway, my brother Steven had an 8 track player rigged up in his room to speakers and I would go in and put this song on and listen to it. I would lay on the floor near the speakers so I could be right in with it! I loved the piano part and also Marilyn McCoo's voice on this song! I also had an 8 track player in my little green gremlin car that was my first car that I bought myself. But it never sounded as good as it did coming from the speakers. I don't know whatever happened to that player and that tape. Lost and gone forever I guess. Like a lot of the things we collect and then get rid of during our lives! That's the cool thing about the computer age we live in now!
One of the 8 tracks that Steven had was Simon and Garfunkel. I loved that tape! He had an 8 track in his black mustang and I remember going somewhere with him and listening to them. It was so way cool! Ha Ha
He would play it in his room with the speakers also. I loved it! And now we can put all the music we want to hear on a little hand held Ipod and take it wherever we go and listen with our little ear bud ear phones! Its so amazing! And I am going to end this now because it is making me sound old and I am not! So there! Put that in your book!